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A piece by Kalie is a visual field where many realities overlap.

The eye wanders. Be close, if you go back a few steps the focus changes. The overall look of the piece is always subject to disturbances. A layer appears, another disappears, from blurriness to clearness, without us even noticing. We accept that at least one part of the image is always concealed; therefore the piece can never be seen as a whole. You always feel that you are missing something. The governing principle is the link of experiences lived; inherent of our own status in the world?

This is a visual sensation, around the theme of “The 4 Seasons”, plus one (which is split into three parts).

One mobile, 5 tondi and draft sketches.

During the Renaissance the tondo, (a relief based on the circular Roman cameo), was put on the ceiling as a tribute to a particular personality. In later times it was displayed on the walls instead.

They were offered to women who had just given birth in the form of a painted plateau.

What is at the top is like what is at the bottom, no gravity but a central point, an axis around which spins the subject; the body, largely present in earlier work, now gives way to nature and its rhythms.

The confrontations of experiences lived and of travelling in Asia contribute to the creation of art in her apartment.

The visual destabilisation is strengthened due to the lines of a geometrical crystal clear network and to the application of colour using the neo-impressionist method of pointillism. Whether looking from above or below, we are brought to forget our own rhythms, to access the fifth season.