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Nicolas Sanhes was born in 1965 in Rodez, Aveyron and he grew up with his two brothers on the family farm. In 1984 he entered the School of Fine Arts in Perpignan and discovered his first museum, the Musée de Céret.

During his studies, he was quickly attracted by the radical works of artists like Elsworth Kelly and Ad Reinhardt, who pushed the internal contradictions of art to their limits.
Ten years of research down the line led Sanhes to a new geometric described by the art critic Jean-Louis Poitevin as “incidental geometry”.

After many years working with flange and cross-sectional steel beams, CARREH is the results of Nicolas Sanhes years of grappling with the material.

By closing the H-profile, the artist radically changes the relationship of the substance. By creating the CARREH by sealing the cross beam with flat iron, Sanhes makes it possible to create a maximum number of other reinforced connections. It is his specific technique, a physical solution, CARREH represents the holy grail of his quest.