Olivier Diaz de Zarate, born in 1965 in Reims.
Lives and works in the hamlet of Vialanove* in the south of France.

After studying very young at the Blot school and at the same time at the Beaux-Arts de Reims as a free candidate, he went to the Van Der Kelen school in Brussels to perfect his aesthetic education and then finished his course at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. in different workshops such as Cueco or Cremonini.

Very young, he awoke to charcoal and oil paint.
Very attached to the history of art and in particular to the allegorical representations and chiaroscuros of classical painting, painting will become a devouring and obsessive passion. He won several painting competitions.

A main aim articulates his work around the compulsive study of light and what it can reveal about intimacy and time. Summoning the very essence of photography-painting without attaching himself to painting too much reality, he paints the object-light by bringing an underlying narration giving the sense for any artist to bear witness to his time.

His work then focuses on questions related to language and its representation.