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Born in Germany in 1953. He graduated with a diploma from l’Academie des Beaux Arts in Kalsruhe in 1980.

In 1985 Robert Schad received an order from the Museum für Neue Kunst, he then switched to the exclusive use of steel in his sculptures. Solid steel bars with a square cross section of 4.5 cm and 6cm to 16 cm for exterior pieces.

The metal bar remains of human proportion, the hand maintains contact with the material, and it is he who retains control of the gesture in space, like the pencil at your fingertips.

Robert Schad by this continuity draws with steel bars.

The steel is not forged, it is cut, welded. Robert Schad breaks the curves possible. He
imposes a rhythm of choppy appearance and is part of a ripple in connection with the expressions danced. The shapes are laid directly without a base. They rise from the ground, like trees where they are put. The shape is always unbalanced in its movement and yet stable. The inversion due to any permanent static sculpture, finds movement even in the
treatment of the shape, always brought to the brink of collapse, forcing the eye to circulate around the room, and through to follow the different accents.

The pieces posed or arising from the ground have a weight, a resistance which, at the beginning of the movement in space and time, to the point of imbalance, to overcome the weight of the material to be deployed with a strange lightness. The action of the hand and the steel being implemented create rhythms, structure and alter the space, that is to say the relationship of the matter between them. The pieces by Robert Schad, by their linearity, their asceticism, fluctuate between organic forms and choreographed architected structures close to the research of Gehry, also related to constructivism. Robert Schad establishes a variety of shapes on a basis of six: The Line Connected to the Rhythm – Concentrated Block – The

Spiral Shape – The Closed Circle – Vertical Bars and Portable Bars.

Robert Schad’s work is displayed in museums, public squares, embassies, urban landscapes, public and private parks and indoors…Robert Schad creates art with steel, applying the actions in the three dimensions of space.