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Seba Lallemand: the fortune of the misfortune of being creative,
of being a true artist.” by Oliviero Toscani

The true creative, the true artist, has everything against himself, all trends, all snobbism, he is beyond all fashions, he is simply creative. Not everybody can allow himself to be an artist; it takes courage in assuming all the happy unhappiness, of a destiny dedicated to art and to creativity. Because creativity is genesis, birth, divine force, energy, fantasy, suffering, dedication, faith, generosity. Creativity needs energy and courage but lives in total insecurity. You cannot be creative and be secure. 

Seba Lallemand is in his way, the most interesting artist I met in Fabrica while I was director. Always propositive, independent from technology, he always managed to surprise, with his creative proposals, with a vision that comes from an uncomfortable angle. Seba is a true artist, with the cursed fortune of having the misfortune of being creative, meaning: damned, unhappy, alone, visionary, insecure, misunderstood, diabolic, suffering, genius, subversive, generous. 

Seba Lallemand, artist painter, born in 1973. After his Studies at ÉSAD Orléans, he joined the creative team at Fabrica directed by Oliviero Toscani. In 2000, his first short-movie “Afterwords” is screened at the Venice Film Festival. In 2008, after 6 years in China and a collaboration with Ai Weiwei as a cinematographer, he comes back to France and he decides to dedicate all his time to drawing and painting. In June 2015 at the “Triennale d’art contemporain de Vendôme”, he realizes an installation “Champagne”, a “bubbling” of 3 meters by 17 meters on glossy paper.